Does Money = Impact?

There is an identity crisis in the coaching and development industry. An identity crisis that challenges our ability to show up cohesively, collaboratively and as stewards of global change.

This identity crisis stems from an optical illusion of success. If you look successful, you are. Therefore, Money = Impact. Wrong.

This is an Optical Illusion.

This is an illusion that may be hurting your ability to create the impact you crave as a changemaker.

We are taught by "leading coaches" to charge more, persuade people to buy, and shine like a diamond for the world to see. Very rarely, if ever do you hear anyone speaking about the power of developing and sharing your skills. In fact, we are fed the message that anyone with a laptop and an idea can call themselves a coach and charge you high fees. It can be difficult to know what to trust to find success.

How often have you bought a program only to have information coming at you like a fire hose on full blast? Or, you are so overwhelmed you can't implement anything you are learning? Or, the information is too cookie cutter and doesn't fit you or your business? Or, you are underwhelmed with the content and feel like you just threw your money away?

Paying MORE for programs does not make them better. Charging your clients MORE does not make you better or more valuable.

My first mentor once told me, "most of the time, less is more." I took that to heart and learned that less is usually less fluff, less hype, less disappointment. Less makes space for more openness, curiosity and expansion.

Deep down, most coaches, teachers and healers that I know, want to make a difference that impacts the world. It drives their sense of fulfillment. Yet, they are taught to measure their results based on the money they have received. Many good coaches give up their souls and their savings to chase the illusion of success with schemes to increase monetary reward.

DON'T GET ME WRONG...anyone who knows me or works with me knows I believe that money is part of business and you can want as much money as you want. You can charge as much as you want.

What I am saying is, we are measuring the wrong things in our businesses, primarily money, and the results are false assumptions of success. When that happens, we stop the flow of money from coming in to support and expand us and worse we don't make the impact we know we can make.

Why? Because good marketers have entered the coaching industry and have tapped into selling you information and flagellation (using guilt and shame to "persuade" you to purchase what you lack). They don't care if you change, they care if you keep buying.

So, what do you measure?

>> Coaches change lives through transformation. So, that is what we should be measuring - Transformation!

Our clients are looking for change. They want to get unstuck. They want freedom from their challenges. They want to move forward from a place of strength....not dependence.

If we want to change the world by empowering others, we must empower them from the beginning. We must prioritize transformation in our industry. We are not marketers, we are changemakers. When we do our work well, we attract clients naturally, authentically, and abundantly!

But, most programs don't teach the process of transformation, or how to apply that to course creation, marketing, speaking and sales.

Transformation requires 6 stages of growth and development that can be used in a single conversation (for sales) or over weeks or months (in courses).

The 6 Stages of Transformation >>

1. Awareness (what our client doesn't want, what they do want, and the surprise details of how they achieve success).

2. Acceptance (how to drop the attachment to the past perception - mentally, emotionally and physically)

3. Self-Responsibility (owning up to the perceptions and behaviors that have held us back, without blaming others)

4. Activation (making a plan for taking inspired, successful actions toward the changes they are making)

5. Acceleration (developing devotion and dedication to the change)

6. Transmutation (claiming the change!)

Don't be fooled by the shiny diamonds. Some are changing lives and some aren't. Do not drop into comparison or judgement. Don't measure your success by what you see on the outside. Measure from within - within you and within your business.

Maybe you won't be famous tomorrow, but you will make a difference today and the wealth you want will come too!

If you know you are transforming lives and you know how to measure your success, congrats! You are one of the few that I have met.  Thank you for impacting the world with your message!

If you are still reading and wonder >>

Does my program transform lives?

Can I create a transformational program that sells?

Do I know how to measure transformation?

Do I know how to articulate with others the transformation that I help my clients achieve?

If that is you, we would love to support you in learning to apply the 6 steps effectively while feeling super confident. Meaghan and I are experts in change and transformation in the coaching, healing and teaching world. We specialize in helping you develop a Transformation Based Service Business that you will love, that will reward you for years to come!

Spend 3 Days with Meaghan Alton and I at Transform Live to dive in or message us for information on our other programs.

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