Be True to Your Calling

Be True to Your Calling

Be True to Your Calling

1-Year Sacred Mentorship Alliance

This Offering is now Full for 2019 - Please inquire about other ways you can work with Joy.

Intuitive Mentor seeking Powerful World Changing Clients. Is this you?

YOU >> Professional Coach, Teacher, Changemaker who is dedicated to your mission in the world. You do not want to be held back by any of the old "stuff" that you have worked hard to clear; and, you are looking for an edge to finally breakthrough to what you know is next for you and your growing influence in the world.

ME >> Dedicated to you. I walk alongside you to be the voice of remembering and the intuitive voice of what's possible. I am dedicated to holding your vision in the light and remind you what authentic alignment is for you. I channel spirit on your behalf, create predictive and prescriptive forecasts, and tap into your sacred contracts on a monthly, and sometimes, weekly basis depending on your unique experience and needs.

If This Resonates, You are Invited...

You are invited to embark on a powerful 1-year journey with me to close any gaps you may have in your awareness, acceptance and activation of your purpose; and, mentorship to help you live and work in authentic alignment with your calling. This is not a program or course. This is a private program for those thoughtleaders, changemakers and visionaries who know that NOW is the time to rise up and take responsibility for the message you carry. As a leader and guide for others, the world needs you to walk the talk like never before. You must be willing to do the things you have not yet done.

I will walk with you, using my sacred connection with Source to cultivate instant feedback and guidance from the Collective Consciousness, my Intuitive Guide Jonah, your Divine Birthchart, and your unique personal and professional contracts. I will help you release your programming to live fully in the place beyond your story so that you can do what you came to do, serve the world.

Are we a fit to work together?

I work best with entrepreneurs, non-profits, authors, speakers and teachers; generally, those who have a vehicle for changing the world. If this is you and you already have a sense of what your purpose is in the world; but, feel like something or someone is holding you back from realizing the full scope of your potential then we should talk. My work is for you.

If you know what your purpose is and do not feel held back in any way but would like someone to make sure you keep feeling this way, then we should talk. My work is for you.

If you value, the insights that ancient wisdom provides, and you want to leverage this information to cut through years of repeating cycles and roadblocks then we should talk. My work is for you.

If you believe that life is happening for you and that there is a source of support available to each of us, whether you identify this source as God, Goddess, Universe, Source or any other name, then we should talk. My work is for you.

If you are deeply committed living a limitless life full of wealth, love, vitality and connection, then we must talk.

I want to work with you!

Next Steps...

Book a Discovery Call to learn more. I work with a small number of people privately to ensure I am able to focus my energy, time and attention. Spots for 2019 are just now opening and include a Sacred Planning Retreat to activate your personal energies for the year.  Book a Discovery Call,  or email me .