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What will you do, be and have in 2019?

Uncover your greatest potential breakthrough, your unexpected blessings, and your hidden challenges with an Intuitive, Eqyptian Numerology Forecast!

Your Forecast for 2019 is in-depth and includes a great deal of information that you can leverage to plan ahead with confidence. Joy works combines channeled insights with a 2000+ year old forecasting system for accurate, date specific details about your year ahead. Because their are so many details, this information is delivered over 7 sessions throughout the year.

SESSION 1: Joy starts with an overview of the year ahead - focusing on the major challenges, blessings and most accessible breakthroughs. This is delivered in a 90 minute coaching/strategy session and includes a 2-page pdf so that you can refer to the information easily throughout the year.

SESSIONS 2-7: The remaining sessions offer a more detailed reading and strategy session, delivered in a 60 minute coaching/strategy call every 2 months for a year to highlight the "in the moment" shifts you are making and how the Universe is supporting you. The sessions are aligned with the 60 day manifestation cycle and the change in energy that you personally experience every 52 days.

Greatest gifts of this work:

>> You will foresee any challenges that may arise and pivot without losing a step in your business or life.

>> You will be able to leverage the prosperity and activation cycles during the times of the year when they are most present so that you can amplify your results.

>> Peace of mind. The cycles of life become your friend. Spending less time in worry, frustration, or clarity seeking becomes a thing of the past as you are now able to enjoy the journey of life as it unfolds through your business and relationships.


Isn't it time you experienced more Freedom, Peace and Ease? Don't miss a beat in 2019. Allow Sacred Forecasting to give you the leverage you need to take your life/biz to the next level!

Due to the energy and time focused on each client, this service is available by application or invitation for up to 6 people. This 7-Session Forecasting package is $3500 and may be paid in 1, 5, or 10 payments.

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