Sacred Self

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Bring BLISS to your body, life and beingness.

BLISS: The feeling you get when you experience a new level of enlightenment and you KNOW that everything has changed.

The Sacred Self Series is a 7-week online group experience to release past contracts and patterns, facilitate transmutation of energies, and receive personal channeled guidance. This series will help to awaken you to a deeper relationship with the Divine, the body you travel within, and you. You will have greater trust in yourself, trust in your intuition, and the feeling of grace and gratitude as you surrender to your calling.


Mondays for 1 hour @ 11:30 AM PT/2:30 PM ET

March 9, 16, 23 & 30

April 6, 13 & 20

(all calls will be recorded)

What you will gain from this series >>

  • Establish a Two-Way Spiritual Partnership. Speak with spirit and know that you are heard. Hear spirit and be confident to demonstrate what you heard through action.
  • Anchor in the Healing Reverence for the Body. You will learn to understand the role of the body in more depth which will increase your love and adoration. By learning to develop a relationship with your body, your being and your mind you can live in a new, expansive state of self-love that will bring in greater Confidence, Direction in Life (and Business), and Body Conscious Behaviors. You will become the person who can have the body you want while loving the body that you have.
  • Establish a Strong Belief & Confidence in Self. The biggest gift of this work is the gift you will give to yourself in the form of amplified LOVE. You will experience a deeper love and appreciation for yourself (from the perception of the body) that will help you heal all of your stories about the material world (love, money, health, and so forth).

What you can expect to do in this course >>

You will meet with Joy (Channeling Jonah who will be supporting and guiding the entire journey) and a group of beautiful humans each week for 1 hour on a live video conference call. Together you will dive into new information to raise your awareness and guided processes to facilitate change. You can also expect a little “homework” in the form of daily practices, meditations, journaling activities, or introspective exercises all designed to help you in remembering and connecting to your Sacred Self.

PLUS, you will receive weekly bonus sessions with Jackie McDonald. She will help you clear any energies that are holding you back from optimum well being and performance while also anchoring in powerful affirmations using the unique modality of EFT she created, the McDonald Method of Tapping.

Your investment is $111 usd for the 7-week series and, yes, you will receive recordings that you can re-listen to anytime you need a reminder or boost. You will have forever access to any future live versions of this course that are released as well, no additional charge. We offer this policy with all of our classes - invest once, receive infinitely.


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