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Joy's story will move you to the edge of your seat. Her story of triumph over adversity will leave you feeling unstoppable in your own life. Her story is profound, yet relateable. Her journey to finding meaning led her to overcome a severe anxiety disorder, lose over 100 pounds, and create a 6+ figure coaching business transforming the lives of others.

Her presence on stage is commanding yet compassionate leaving audiences eager to say yes to change!         Download Joy's Speakers Sheet Here

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Audience Feedback

Joy is an amazingly dynamic speaker, one who inspires us to action. Her presence on stage is all in. Watch out women entrepreneurs. 

Molly Knight-Forde 

Musical Mystic, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker 



Joy Kingsborough is creating a powerful ripple effect in the area of feminine leadership and she truly captivated the room with her presence as we hung on every word. She was fully present and completely owning her power on stage with quiet strength that echoed loudly throughout the auditorium, it is time for us to step up, to be heard and to create the shift needed to bring our feminine energy and gifts to the forefront. As we harness this power we will be able to collectively change the world. Thank you Joy for your powerful and much needed message, it is time for women to fully step into their power and create their life and business from the place of ease, grace, flow, allowance and divine guidance. 

Chantelle Adams, Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist, Courage Igniter
Kelowna, BC Canada 


Joy holds the room with an intense passion! She is powerful and motivational on stage.

Mary Baillee, MSW

Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Purpose Igniter!


What an incredibly powerful and empowering woman. Joy reminds us that we women have an opportunity and a responsibility to welcome and lead change in this world. 

Jo Davidson 

Client Creation Whizz | Straight-Talker | Maverick
Newcastle, England


Joy has a strong message and it’s so inspiring.  I just wanted to shout "sign me up!" 

Michelle B. Cooper 



Wow!! What a phenomenal, inspiring, and heartfelt message! Joy helps us look deep within ourselves so we can step into our feminine power and leadership on a bigger level. Her presentation struck a deep cord with me and has inspired me to feel into ways that I can go bigger in my own life. 

Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW
Transformational Speaker and Generational Change Maker


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